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Crockett ES Summer Music Camp

Welcome to Crockett Elementary School's Summer Music Camp, a collaboration hosted by Music as Medicine! Music as Medicine's music camp with Crockett Elementary (a fine arts school!) was designed to ignite a passion for music in students, nurturing the talents of budding musicians from all backgrounds. Music as Medicine's camp provided an immersive experience, allowing students to explore various musical instruments, techniques, and rhythmic delights. Under the guidance of our skilled mentors, students fostered their teamwork skills, self-expression, and a core pillar of Music as Medicine!

Music as Medicine follows curriculum curated by our very own Events Committee, and caters to the needs of the skill levels of all students. With each day of our camp following a structured schedule, Music as Medicine is dedicated to educating young minds through engaging activities, games, and lessons such as maraca-making, musical chairs, group rhythm lessons, and more!


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